Higher the aspirations are, more expensive becomes the fees for the application forms, admission, and living cost in and around the college/school. Even though higher education is expensive it is important as it fetches you a profession that pays your bills and satisfies both your personal and professional goals. Therefore, the students must be guided in the right direction, with genuine information about the course and college via experts and advisors

The majority of the students who are from the weaker sections of the society find it hard to procure money to get access to loans, which drives many students to drop out and let alone males, women lose their hope to grow out from the stereotypical situation of handling household work. According to the report of the Institute of Policy Research Studies, New Delhi, only 77% of students have been registered in class 10th while class 11th is limited to 52% focusing on the increasing rate of drop out students.

While the government has various schemes to deal with the dropout situation, the following are the factors on which scholarship are provided:

    1. Means Scholarship – This scholarship is provided to students from weaker sections of the society and meritorious to help them in pursuing their professional and technical courses, covering both under-graduation and post-graduation. The parents or guardians are supposed to submit their income certificate to avail of the scheme. The following students are supposed to clear a particular cutoff to be eligible.
    2. Special Requirements Scheme – These kinds of scholarships are offered to students who have physical disabilities, it is offered within schools from class 9th – 10th and by colleges for graduation and post-graduation (SHDF scholarships), Azim Premji Undergraduate University Scholarship which offers a monthly stipend with the course, Loan for professional/educational/training courses to disabled persons and many other such reservations are made to help them gain an education. This helps them stand out from the crowd and avail opportunities for a better future.
    3. Merit Scholarships – This for the students who perform exceptionally great in their academics or particular exams while appearing for college admissions and it is not limited to any particular category of students and is appropriate for both Indians and universities abroad. 
    4. Talents Scholarships – These kinds of scholarships are provided to the students are excellent in performing arts and is usually helpful for foreign students. Inlaks Fellowships for Indian Classical Music, Mani Mann Fellowship, and Kalakriti Fellowship are some of the possibilities of scholarships provided in Indian universities.
    5. Federal and state grants and Loans – So studying abroad is not only beneficial for you but it brings a chance to represent your country. Every organization aims to have multi-tasker employees along with variety in the organization, accordingly they provide students with financial aid, to whom they notice the potential.Grants: The grant is provided for free without anything expected in return, and often goes to students in high-demand.
      Loans: Student loans provided by the federal government are low on interest rates and have flexible repayment terms.
    6. Private Loans, Crowd-funding, and Donations – Sometimes getting a scholarship is not easy, therefore you can resort to taking up student loans from banks, which provide a nominal rate of interest or from loans from friends and family, if you are not able to fulfill banks requirements. Crowd-funding helps greatly for raising money for schools or colleges or even through donations from religious communities or others per see.

Therefore it becomes imperative for the students and parents to be aware of various options via which they can secure a place in the university. POGI app is a means to all your solutions be it confusion about choosing a scholarship or financial aid or courses or college to choose, with the help of experts and industry advisor they help you figure out what’s best for you.

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