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Higher the aspirations are, more expensive becomes the fees for the application forms, admission, and living cost in and around the college/school. Even though higher education is expensive it is important as it fetches you a profession that pays your bills and satisfies both your personal
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Virtual Handshakes: Instagram and POGI

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As a student it becomes very difficult to reach out to college alumni or the present students and to trust what is true or false, and therefore puts the students in a confused situation, which not only leads to bad decision making but, can also harm
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Coronavirus: MBA Admission

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On May 10th we had Sharad Mishra, IIFT Alumni join us for a live session on Instagram with our digital marketer Madhavi Ratnam. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of CATaPult Classes. We gathered a lot of information on his take on โ€œOnline is the New
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WHAT IS CAREER COUNSELLING? Career counseling means guiding someone about the fields to be chosen further to the student according to some specifications mentioned by the student. Counseling can be for the school students and the college/university going students also. SCHOOL COUNSELLING: After 10th class: In
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