As a student it becomes very difficult to reach out to college alumni or the present students and to trust what is true or false, and therefore puts the students in a confused situation, which not only leads to bad decision making but, can also harm their future.

POGI is one of the leading career guidance apps. Keeping in mind students’ confused state they have come up with the idea of uniting students and alumni on a common platform through the live sessions.

Releasing the new series “Fact v/s Fake” Instagram Live Session, to the benefit the school and college students.

The main theme of the series is to welcome graduates or working professionals to re-open their college diaries which will exceedingly help students who are in the search of good universities.

As we aim to provide genuine information the live sessions will give the students clarity about the pros and cons of the college. This initiative will give students a chance to clarify their doubts live on Instagram as the guests will be either pass-outs or currently studying in the specific college or university.

Instagram is a huge platform, which is used for educational purposes as students are more active users of the platform and can be used for edutainment as well.

Every week there would be an Instagram live session hosted by the POGI team so students can ask all the queries and clarify their doubts. As the perspective of a particular college is directly shared by students so there won’t be any hidden information about the colleges.

We provide an easy way of free and genuine consultation so that students and parents directly get the required information. We are welcoming students who are interested to guide the students by re-opening their college diaries and addressing the college’s placement records, cultural fests, clubs, and events.

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