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Difficulties in Medical Admissions

There are approximately 650 medical colleges in India, offering a total of 1 lakh seats. Every year, around 18 lakhs aspirants appear for the medical entrance exams, out of which 9 lakhs students qualify. However, many of these students underestimate their chances of admission due to a lack of information and awareness about the admission process.

To address this issue, Genuine Info Wala offers end-to-end support to students seeking admission to the best medical colleges in India. Their services help students navigate the complex admission process based on various factors such as their All India Rank, domicile, category, and fee budget. With their expert guidance and accurate information, students can make informed decisions and increase their chances of admission to their desired medical college.

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"Genuine Info Wala is the most reliable and authentic source of medical admission data from government, private, and deemed medical institutions across India. We provide the latest 2022 medical admission counseling data from MCC and all state medical admission counseling, ensuring access to the most up-to-date information. Our analytics process analyzes user-specific data like NEET score, domicile, category, and fee budget to offer personalized and accurate recommendations for the best medical colleges. GENUINE INFO WALA user-friendly interface and visualizations make it easy for both parents and students to navigate the complex world of medical admissions."

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Genuine info wala is the ultimate solution for your MBBS admission needs, covering data from all 650+ medical colleges in India. With its cloud-based mobile-friendly web interface, you can easily access it from any device at any time. Genuine info wala offers customized advice based on your NEET score, domicile, category, and fee budget, setting it apart from other college predictors. Plus, it saves you from the huge direct and indirect costs of searching for information on the internet, providing authentic data in just a few clicks.

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Genuine info wala expands your horizon by estimating MBBS admission possibilities for 650 medical colleges in India with just a few clicks. Our platform enhances your admission possibilities for all government, private, and deemed medical institutions, giving you a competitive advantage in the admission counseling process. By knowing your realistic possibilities, Genuine info wala eliminates the guesswork from admission planning and reduces stress, offering the right motivation and psychological safety for students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aditya Mishra is known as a Genuine info wala. Our Head office is in Pune. It is India’s most trusted platform for medical admission. Our legacy is providing genuine information on time & everytime. Our research based counseling guidance & strategy helps students on their MBBS admission possibility based on NEET Score, Domicile and Category.
Genuine Info Wala offers personalized counseling based on historical admission data from 600+ medical colleges in India. Our advanced algorithm considers eligibility criteria and counseling rules to recommend eligible and available colleges for each student based on their NEET score, domicile, and category. We provide one-to-one counseling for individualized guidance and support throughout the admission process
Genuine Info Wala is built on the most comprehensive and authentic admission counseling data of 645+ medical colleges in India. Our data is curated to ensure uniformity in search operations and tested for six sigma levels of accuracy and completeness, ensuring that our users have access to the most reliable information for their MBBS admissions.
NEET score, category, domicile, seat availability, location, type of college, previous year cutoff rank, and eligibility criteria are factors considered in predicting NEET ranks and admission probabilities for MBBS colleges. This data is analyzed through advanced algorithms to provide accurate admission probability predictions.
We are physically available in 3 states and online for everyone, 24/7. We are making MCC and state medical admission counseling smooth.
Contact us on : 6200550409 / 8237241338